Zulu Wars Battlegames Mini-Special

Battlegames Zulu Wars Mini-Special

Battlegames Zulu Wars Mini-Special

Those of you who pay attention to such things will have seen the news that issue 14 of Battlegames has just arrived from the printers and is being sent out to subscribers, retailers and distributors over the next few days. When announcing the content of this issue, alongside Dan Mersey’s “Well of Tarka” piece I mentioned that I would be making my own Zulu Wars participation game rules available for download — and now I have.

I decided to use this opportunity to launch a new format: the Battlegames Special Edition. There will be more news about this range of publications over the coming weeks, but in this instance, as the content is a single article, being given away completely FREE of charge, I have coined the term ‘Mini-Special’. Other Battlegames Specials may take the form of A4 perfect-bound volumes (rather liike the Warhammer HIstorical supplements), special editions in a format almost exactly the same as the magazine, booklets, large PDF files or, as in this case, short works completely free of charge. All of them will be distinguishable by their bright blue covers, to differentiate them from the scarlet covered magazine.

So, without further ado, here’s the link to the Zulu Wars Battlegames Mini-Special. You can also download this from various locations on the main Battlegames website.Have fun!

P.S. I’ve been eliminating typos as they’ve been pointed out to me, so make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version. This proves, of course, that PDF publishing is both a blessing and a curse!

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