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Fictitious Wars

A long time ago — 20 years, in fact — I wrote an article by this name that was published in Miniature Wargames in the days when Duncan Macfarlane was still at the helm. It pre-dates the current excitement about ‘imagi-nations’ by at least a couple of decades (I thought I was alone in my madness in those pre-internet days). So here’s a PDF of the piece that appeared in issue 47 of April 1987. (2.7Mb).


Creating fictitious maps

Wargamer Jonathan Broadus has achieved what I could never do — with a bit of programming wizardry, he has created a system that will generate a map for you based on the dice-rolling methods I outlined in my Wars of the Faltenian Succession piece in Battlegames issue 3. You simply enter the number of columns and rows you want for the width and height of your map, and hey presto! the JavaScript behind the scenes presents you with a randomly-generated set of grid squares. If you don’t like the look of the first map presented to you, well, you can just keep trying until you get something that suits you better. Absolutely marvellous — well done Jonathan! Of course, if you prefer, you can still go ahead and roll all those dice instead.


Minifigs catalogue

Some of you may be aware that Miniature Figurines are still going strong. However, like many wargames companies that have been around since before the Internet was invented, they have an ongoing and uphill struggle to get images of their figures online.

To this end, with thanks to Ben Waterhouse, I have scanned in an old printed Minifigs catalogue which you can download as a PDF. Please note that it’s a large (18.5Mb) file — at 120 pages, including images, it’s tricky to make it any smaller without reducing the resolution and image quality to a point where it becomes hard to read and useless to print out. Please note that the catalogue has been scanned ‘as is’, including Ben’s handwritten notations and even a large coffee stain! The photos of figures are in the centre of the catalogue.

Please note that this catalogue dates back to the 1980s: you should consult the Minifigs website for up-to-date listings of the ranges and figures available.


The Siege of Dendermonde

In Battle Magazine for Wargamers, from December 1976 to July 1977, there was an inspirational series of articles by Ron Miles who ran an astonishing siege game in his home. For the sake of posterity, and with the help of members of the Old School Wargaming group, I have assembled a PDF file of the entire series. Click here to download the Siege of Dendermonde file (about 4.7Mb).

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