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The Battlegames on Patreon page

The Battlegames on Patreon page

In January 2018, I launched a brand new venture on Patreon, the crowdfunding organisation. You can find out more by visiting the Battlegames on Patreon page here. In simple terms, patrons pay a monthly subscription to gain exclusive access to the original content I create, in the form of blog posts, podcasts, videos, special graphics and more. Pledge levels start at just $1 a month, which makes it really easy for you to come aboard, and go up to $50 a month. Obviously, the higher the pledge level, the higher the rewards available to you.

As part of my commitment, and by way of thanks, all my Patreon supporters (also known as Patreons) are listed here – without them, it would not be possible for me to continue creating regular content for the hobby; with them, and as the levels of combined pledges rises and goals are met, all manner of exciting things become possible!

This list will be updated regularly.

Latest update 27th May 2019


Generals: $50 per monthPatreon General rank

Jim Purky
T.A. Gordon
Elliott W James
Kenneth George Ball


Brigadiers: $25 per monthPatreon Brigadier rank

John P. Smyrl
Khairudin James
Melvyn Jenkins-Welch
Richard Clarke



Majors: $10 per monthPatreon Major rank

Bob Mackler
Gregory Roth
Greg Maggard
Laurence Baldwin
Thierry Jones
Nigel Groves
Dillon Browne
Philip Dutré
Nick Skinner
Douglas Wilson
Chris M (surname withheld)
Stephen (surname withheld)
Jason Weiser
Matthew Kemp
Paul Cutting
Chris Scruton
Mark Jessop
Paul Robinson
Stuart Green
David Hoyt
Thomas Moore
Kev Stillyards
Richard Lockwood
Peter Little
Paul Macdonald
Mike Whitaker
David Pike
Elliot Woodruff
Paul Wisken


Lieutenants: $5 per monthPatreon Lieutenant rank

Mike Hobbs
Torben Kastbjerg
Patrick Gilliland
Andrew Fielden
James Aldridge
Gavin Thorpe
Andy Duncan
Jim Getz
Vidal Bairos
Bart Kersteter
Nathan Ward
John Mayo
Frank Reynolds
Per Broden
Andrew Chesney
Sean Souter
Dekyras (surname withheld)
Dave Hickman
Richard Brooks
Barry North
William Alchin
Jay Arnold
Richard Tyndall
Michael Campbell
Jeffrey Knudsen
Marco Antonio Facchini
Dave Ryan
William B Protz Jr.
Paul Cordell
Kerry W Spann
Bart Vetters
Stephen Manterfield
Chris Gregg
David Mathieson
Jim Woollett
Michael W Lowry
Graham Goodwin
Andy McMaster
Mel Spence
Lewis Dorrington
Simon Pinnell



Sergeants: $2.50 per monthPatreon Sergeant rank

Ian Beal
Andy Halstead
Andrew Gilmartin
Neil Hughes
Stokes Schwartz
Jake Thornton
Ed Morris
Dave Mapstone
Chris Arnold
Steve Thompson 1
Guy Hancock
Steve Thompson 2
Richard Meakin
Neil Shuck
Benito Vera
Neil Staffer
Gary Moran
S P Randell
John T Coleman
Simon Hatch
David Asbury
Alex Garden
Thomas Brandstetter
Jason Bledsoe
Jasper Oorthuys
Simon Tonkiss
Will Bartley
Brian Hamilton
Mark Lord
Gareth Tilley
Paul Baldwin
Kenneth Marshall
Iain Burt
Andrew Walliker
Nigel Jones
Harry Morris
John Haines
Ben Fiene
LM (full name withheld)
Sean Clark
Shawn Tester
Tony Broad
Derek Fulton
Battle Brush Sigur
Dave Watson
Ralph Plowman
Mark Warner
John Sears
Andy Relf
Dave Hall
Lee Hadley
Steve Jones
John W



Lance Corporals and others: $1.00 per monthPatreon Lance Corporal rank

Alan Hughes
Bob Blanchett
The Cranky Lawyer
Mark Limby
John Kavanagh
David Hunter
Jim McCabe
Tom Mason
Richard Speedman
William Napier
Chistopher Rasmussen
Kevin Casey
Neil McGurk
Nigel Betts
Walter Morrison
Ronald Davies
Jeremy Short
Keith Erickson
Stephen Finlay
Peter (surname withheld)
Michael Ovsenik
David Hudson
John-abouna D’Alton
Rich Panek
David Knight
Mark ‘ManofTIN’