Sittangbad and Mollwitz for Partizan In The Cloud

Screenshot from YouTube video of Partizan show

Today would have been the Partizan show at Newark Showground. But of course, whilst we are in lockdown and social distancing conditions due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the show was not able to go ahead as planned – see my recent Battlechat with Laurence Baldwin, one of the organisers, for an explanation of the decision to cancel, and of the ‘virtual’ Partizan planned to replace it this year.

So, as one of those who has a strong association with the show, I wracked my brain to think of what I could do to contribute. It just so happens that during our discussion, Laurence mentioned how impressed he’d been with the ‘old school’ games staged by myself with Phil Olley, John Preece and Steve Gill in 2006 and 2007, so I thought it would be a good way to celebrate Partizan and to remind people of why those games created such a stir at the time.

Here, then, is my offering, and please refer to the notes below for links to a number of PDF files containing extras that you might find useful. This is the edited version of today’s live stream version, getting rid of the technical gremlins experienced at the start of the show and the couple of minutes at the end where I forgot to stop recording! You also get some nice intro-outro music and a new bit by me at the start.


Sittangbad flyer A4

Sittangbad OOB

Mollwitz flyer A4

Mollwitz OOB

The War Game playsheet

Sittangbad report from Battlegames issue 4

Mollwitz report from Battlegames issue 8



  1. Wonderful! I have been playing with – The Wargame – rules since I was 12 years old. I recently discovered Spencer Smith figures and I am now enjoying replaying the wonderful simple rules. Thank you so much for reminding us of why the old ways were such simple fun.

  2. Great article and podcast. I recall the first event in 2006 as if it was yesterday. I also managed the trip again in 2007 but did not have the opportunity to “dawdle” that day it was very much a “hit and run”. On both occasions both tables and the chat around the games was the best at the show. Hopefully, depending on the TT, I aim to attend Partizan 2021. Keep on wargaming!

    Stay safe and well.


    • Thanks for that, Mark, and glad you enjoyed it. Great that you saw both games, however briefly.

  3. Great show, Henry, and so many memories of these great works. I’ve got all the War Game stuff, but had to order Charge! yesterday (during the show) from the Wargames Project. This may be the time to bring Peter Dennis’ paper Marlburians into action…

    • Excellent, glad you enjoyed it Ian. And yes, what a good sides about using the Paperboys, ideal for trying out those rules.

      Interestingly, whilst the majority of Young’s figures are very 18th century, you’ll see ghat he had a soft spot for the a Royal Horse Artillery and, in fact, the rules work extremely well for Napoleonics.

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