The Pescadrix Sun, 6th April 1748

INVASION? April has hardly begun, but it seems the belligerents are keen to have at one another. First of all, we had reports of shots being fired in the bay north of Castell Sebastian, currently guarded by our wonderful cousins¬†from Prunkland; and then late yesterday¬†evening, rumours reached us … Continue reading

Tension Grows in Granprix

The citizens of little Granprix are gathering in coffee shops, inns and hostelries, and the buzz of conversation flows out into the streets, around the squares in towns and villages, along the pews in churches, amongst the market stalls and along the docksides. War is coming. Who can have … Continue reading

A Campaign Newbie Question

One of the participants in this year's Ayton imagi-nations campaign has asked a question that is so screamingly obvious that I kick myself for having made the assumption that he knew what was required. An old grognard such as myself, with a love of campaigns, needs to be aware that not everyone … Continue reading