Scratch Building an African Well

A Battlegames Special Guest Post by Sean Souter Building desert terrain is thirsty work and no self-respecting collection of desert scenery is complete without a village well. A natural gathering place for friend and foe alike, one need only look at the Crusades to see the strategic importance … Continue reading

Endgame at Redoubt

Unusually for me, I failed to take a single photograph at the Redoubt show over the weekend, but I can tell you that it was hot, hot, hot! The battlements of the doughnut-shaped fort kept out most of the sea breeze, though we did have a few dramatic moments when occasional gusts came over the walls … Continue reading

The digression continues

With this weekend's unmovable deadline staring me in the face, I decided to take a break from all that brown and dig out the scarlet for the noble 24th Foot. Only 30 figures plus two officers and two NCOs, I thought to myself, I'll bash those out in no time. Doh! The fact is that regular, … Continue reading