Endgame at Redoubt

Unusually for me, I failed to take a single photograph at the Redoubt show over the weekend, but I can tell you that it was hot, hot, hot! The battlements of the doughnut-shaped fort kept out most of the sea breeze, though we did have a few dramatic moments when occasional gusts came over the walls … Continue reading

The digression continues

With this weekend's unmovable deadline staring me in the face, I decided to take a break from all that brown and dig out the scarlet for the noble 24th Foot. Only 30 figures plus two officers and two NCOs, I thought to myself, I'll bash those out in no time. Doh! The fact is that regular, … Continue reading

Citadel washes

You may have heard a lot about the new Citadel washes, and indeed I'm using them on the Newline Zulu Wars figures I'm working on. One of the most common uses of a wash is as a quick method of shading flesh, so I dug out some old Citadel fantasy adventurer figures that I'd slapped some basic flesh … Continue reading

A little digression…

Okay Henry, just what are you up to now? 32mm cowboys, 6mm ancients, 30mm 18th century, and now 20mm Zulus? What happened to focus, man?! Actually, these little fellers are a guilt-free addition to my, shall we say, portfolio. As you may know, I am a supporter of the Redoubt show, to be held in … Continue reading