Tabletop Battle Tactics Deluxe Full Colour Combined Hardback Edition

Tabletop Battle Tactics: Techniques for Wargaming Success. Deluxe Full Colour Combined Hardback Edition—All You Need to Win More Wargames. (3d render of book)


Well, it’s here. The Tabletop Battle Tactics, Techniques for Wargaming Success—All You Need to Win More Wargames Deluxe Full Colour Combined Hardback Edition is on sale right now here.

Yes, the full title and subtitles are a bit of a mouthful, I’ll admit, but in these days of algorithms, the challenge for anyone publishing anything is to ensure that you’re using the right keywords and placing your product in front of the right audience. As a result, the safest bet is to cover as many bases as possible!

Fortunately, this seems to be working in this case and I’m absolutely delighted at the way the wargaming community has responded to this, my first hard-copy self-publishing venture since… Yes, you guessed it, my launch of Battlegames magazine back in 2006. Of course, back then, print-on-demand simply wasn’t available, which is why, by the time I sold the magazine to Atlantic Publishers in 2011, I had a storage unit full of thousands of unsold copies. That was sad enough, but my heart really broke when the new owners told me they wanted just three file copies of each previous issue. The rest were pulped.

No danger of that now, thank goodness, and I’m hugely impressed at both the speed of turnaround and quality of printing offered by Amazon KDP. Yes, I know other P.O.D. services exist, and I may well end up using them, but for this first dip of my toe in these waters, it made sense to use the obvious choice that everyone has heard of, with global reach and, it has to be said, prices that make this an affordable venture for me. In addition, I don’t have to worry about personally supervising production, and I have absolutely none of the distribution hassles I experienced in my Battlegames days, no frantic envelope stuffing, no schlepping down to the Post Office with cartloads of magazines. Never again!

I also want to thank Dave Ryan of Caliver Books who has been in touch to obtain copies of the book. His first consignment is on the way from the printers, though it’s touch and go as to whether they’ll reach him in time for this weekend’s Salute show.

Of course, if you’re fully absorbed the digital age, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can buy a PDF version instead, either from my own PayHip site here, or from the well-know WargameVault here.

Want to know more? The read this lovely review from the Amazon site.

Review of Tabletop Battle Tactics Deluxe edition on Amazon

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