The sites of the Saturday games are marked 1 and 2.

Ayton 2016: Games for the Weekend

Speaking now as the umpire of the campaign, rather than as a roving reporter, I can tell you that the last few days have been incredibly busy, preparing for the weekend and collating the scores of emails coming my way from the nine players. It's always interesting to discover who the really chatty … Continue reading
cavalry clash at Ubbynedre

Ambush at Ubbynedre

Juulsborg, 29th April 1750   News has just reached us of a sharp action which took place on 27th April at Ubbynedre near Riemannsborg. It appears that cavalry advance guards from the Medetian army on the one side, and Altefritzenburg and Whyeydia on the other, clashed in the … Continue reading

Aïoli for the Masses?

Couervige, 19th April 1750 "If ye think I'm weering that in ma bonnet, ye can shove it right up yer hoolies!" These were the words uttered by Private Heen MacFeegle when his sergeant major issued him with his official bulb of garlic. "It's uh disgrace," he continued, "forcin' a wee lad fro' the … Continue reading