Battlechat headerI create regular podcasts, mostly in the form of interviews with wargaming personalities and businesses. These are normally released exclusively to my Patreon patrons for several days, before being made available to everyone.

This list does not include the Q&A sessions or short Off the Cuff podcasts which are exclusive to patrons.

All the podcasts listed here are available to listen for free and this list will be added to as and when new episodes become available. Note that patrons have access to these podcasts 14 days before everyone else, so if you want to have early access, just sign up using the button on this page for as little as $2.50 a month.

As of January 2020, I also started to gradually upload the back catalogue to YouTube. It will take me a long time to catch up completely, but I know some people prefer to use YouTube as their media channel of choice. Become a Patron



Episode 1: My early plans for Battlegames on Patreon Now also available on YouTube

Episode 2: With my long-time wargaming buddy, Guy Hancock Now also available on YouTube

Episode 3: With Dan Mersey, author of Dux Bellorum, Lion Rampant and many others! Now also available on YouTube

Episode 4: With my old friend, Guy Hancock Now also available on YouTube

Episode 5: With Tricks and Laurence, organisers of the Partizan shows Now also available on YouTube

Special episode: Solo, from Partizan 2018

Episode 6: With Veteran Wargamer Jay Arnold Now also available on YouTube

Episode 7: With Will Townshend of the Plastic Soldier Company/PSC Games Now also available on YouTube

Episode 8: With Neil Shuck of Meeples & Miniatures Now also available on YouTube

Episode 9: With Veteran Wargamer and podcaster Jay Arnold (yes, again!) Now also available on YouTube

Episode 10: With Harry Sidebottom, historical novelist, at The Other Partizan Now also available on YouTube

Episode 11: With Keith Flint, author of the Honours of War rules Now also available on YouTube

Episode 12: With Joe McCullough, creator of Frostgrave Now also available on YouTube

Episode 13: With Nick Skinner of TooFatLardies Now also available on YouTube

Episode 14: With well-known Belgian wargamer Phil Dutré Now also available on YouTube

Episode 15: With Rich Clarke of TooFatLardies Now also available on YouTube

Episode 16: With prolific Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy contributor Mark Backhouse

Episode 17: With Society of Ancients Events Organiser Richard Lockwood

Episode 18: With Sidney Roundwood, blogger and presenter of the TooFatLardies Oddcast

Episode 19: With David Brown, author of General de Brigade, Pickett’s Charge and more

Episode 20: With master cartographer Alyssa Faden

Episode 21: With Dan Faulconbridge of Wargames Illustrated

Episode 22: With Leon Pengilley of Pendraken Miniatures

Episode 23: With Mark Freeth of the Wargames Holiday Centre

Episode 24: With Jasper Oorthuys of Karwansaray Publishing (WSS magazine, Ancient Warfare magazine etc)

Episode 25: With Professor Tony Pollard of Glasgow University

Episode 26 Part 1: With popular games designer Rick Priestley, creator of Warhammer

Episode 26 Part 2: Again, with popular games designer Rick Priestley, creator of Warhammer

Episode 27: With Peter Berry of Baccus 6mm

Episode 28: With patron, imagi-nations gamer and self-confessed ‘glacially slow painter’ Simon Tonkiss

Episode 29: Lard Island Visit Special with Richard Clarke, Nick Skinner, Mike Hobbs and Alistair Campbell-Grieve

Episode 30: With Annie Norman of Bad Squiddo Games

Episode 31: With Marcus Cowper of Osprey Publishing

Episode 32: With Barry Hilton of League of Augsburg/Warfare Miniatures

Episode 33: With Award-Winning Author Gav Thorpe

Episode 34: With Spy-Fi writer Helena Nash

Episode 35: With 6mm and Great Northern War specialist Per Broden

Episode 36: With Richard Clarke: “Infamy, Infamy!”

Episode 37: With John Treadaway, Editor of Miniature Wargames

Episode 38: With World-Renowned Military illustrator Peter Dennis

Episode 39: With Fife & Drum and Minden Miniatures Owner Jim Purky

Episode 40: With Paul Kerrison of Kallistra

Episode 41: A special edition with Tony Pollard – Men’s Health

Episode 42: With Veteran Wargamer Jay Arnold

Special episode: The Battlegames Awards for Excellence 2019

Episode 43: Patrons-only special – What Do We Want from Our Games? Become a patron to listen to this exclusive episode!

Episode 44: With Veteran US Gamer Jim Getz

Episode 45: With ‘The War Artisan’ Jeff Knudsen

Episode 46: With Wargaming Legends Alan and Michael Perry

Episode 47: With popular US podcaster Jonathan Reinhart

Episode 48: With Pioneering Publisher Duncan Rogers of Helion & Co.

Episode 49: With Joe McCullough, author of the new Oathmark fantasy rules

Episode 50: With Games Design Master and Head of River Horse Games Alessio Cavatore

Episode 51: The Welcome Return of Annie Norman of Bad Squiddo Games for ‘the lockdown show’

Episode 52: With Display and Wargames Project Guru, ‘Classic’ Wargamer Phil Olley

Episode 53: With Legendary US Wargames Magazine Editor Don Perrin

Episode 54: A Special ‘Partizan In the Cloud’ edition to support the lockdown-affected show.

Episode 55: With Military Historian (and Wargamer!) Professor Gary Sheffield

Episode 56: With veteran wargamer, author and Wargames Development leading light Bob Corderyl

Episode 57: With History of Wargaming Project creator John Curry

Episode 58: With Podcasting Buddy The Veteran Wargamer Jay Arnold

Episode 59: With Virtual Lard Organiser Jeremy Short

Episode 60: With Professor Sam Mustafa of Honour Games

Episode 61: With Sean Clark of God’s Own Scale

Episode 62: With Alex ‘Storm of Steel’ Sotheran

Episode 63: With Joe Piddington, Director of Miniature Wargaming the Movie

Episode 64: With Barry Hilton, game designer, writer and blogger

Episode 65: With Peter Adkison, creator of Wizards of the Coast and World of Chaldea

Episode 66: With Mark Backhouse, author of the forthcoming Strength & Honour ancients rules

Episode 67: With Nigel “Pyecroft” Betts, actor famous for his role in Sharpe’s Mission

Episode 68: With Melvyn Jenkins-Welch, patron, wargamer and front-line ICU doctor

Episode 69: With military author and self-publishing specialist Russell Phillips

Episode 70: With wargamer and re-enactor Paul Wisken

Episode 71: With David Christopher Lee

Episode 72: With patron Richard Naylor

Episode 73: With Samantha Stockin: Diversity in the Hobby

Episode 74: With Troy ‘Sonic Sledgehammer’ Small

Episode 75: With Charles Singleton of Helion & Co

Episode 76: With Richard Clarke of TooFatLardies

Episode 77: With Annie Norman of Bad Squiddo Games

Episode 78: With Bob ‘Piquet’ Jones

Episode 79: With Rex & Dan Withers of Valhalla Games

Episode 80: With Jasper Oorthuys of Karwanseray Publishers

Episode 81: With Sidney Roundwood

Episode 82: With Jason Weiser of Military Miniature Magazine

Episode 83: With Greg Roth: Gen Con & Wargaming and Real War

Episode 84: With Leo Pengilley of Pendraken

Episode 85: With Ally ‘Baloo’ C-G

Episode 86: With Ken ‘Yarkshiregamer’ Reilly

Episode 87: With Major Forest Pavel, PsyD

Episode 88: With Dr Spencer Jones, Military Historian

Episode 89: With ‘Balkan’ Dave Watson

Episode 90: With Dr Rachael Whitbread

Episode 91: With Dr Graeme Callister

Episode 92: With Nick Skinner and Richard Clarke of TooFatLardies

Episode 93: With Peter van Dop of BelloLudi

Episode 94: With Mark Urban, best-selling author and journalist

Episode 95: With Andy Callan, veteran wargamer and rules writer

Episode 96: With Dr Rachael Whitbread: newbie wargamer!

Episode 97: With Howard Whitehouse

Episode 98: With Ken Reilly: Mental Health

Episode 99: With Professor Gary Sheffield

Episode 101: With Mike Whitaker

Episode 102: With Duncan Weldon

Episode 103: With Joshua van Zaane

Episode 104: With Nick Skinner

Episode 105: With Simon ‘To the Strongest’ Miller

Episode 106: With Gary Colman of Game Therapy UK

Episode 107: With ‘Big Lee’ Hadley

Episode 108: With Jarryd Doyle


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