Zulu Wars Battlegames Mini-Special

Battlegames Zulu Wars Mini-Special
Battlegames Zulu Wars Mini-Special

Those of you who pay attention to such things will have seen the news that issue 14 of Battlegames has just arrived from the printers and is being sent out to subscribers, retailers and distributors over the next few days. When announcing the content of this issue, alongside Dan Mersey’s “Well of Tarka” piece I mentioned that I would be making my own Zulu Wars participation game rules available for download — and now I have.

I decided to use this opportunity to launch a new format: the Battlegames Special Edition. There will be more news about this range of publications over the coming weeks, but in this instance, as the content is a single article, being given away completely FREE of charge, I have coined the term ‘Mini-Special’. Other Battlegames Specials may take the form of A4 perfect-bound volumes (rather liike the Warhammer HIstorical supplements), special editions in a format almost exactly the same as the magazine, booklets, large PDF files or, as in this case, short works completely free of charge. All of them will be distinguishable by their bright blue covers, to differentiate them from the scarlet covered magazine.

So, without further ado, here’s the link to the Zulu Wars Battlegames Mini-Special. You can also download this from various locations on the main Battlegames website.Have fun!

P.S. I’ve been eliminating typos as they’ve been pointed out to me, so make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version. This proves, of course, that PDF publishing is both a blessing and a curse!


  1. Hi Henry – we played these last night with my 28mm Zulu War figures. Very entertaining, but had one query about Zulus popping up at short range, then being able to advance within 4″ (reaction roll of 4) and throw spears. We assumed they killed on a 3-6, which still led to bloody losses to the British. Thinking perhaps making this 5-6 if I do it again.

  2. Hiya Henry,

    Good scenario. My son’s 40k Impererial Guard just legged it across the table trying to avoid the Zulus masquerading as Alien Tyranids. The scenario worked well, just long enough to fit into just over 90 mins (pretty much the same length of time as the final of Im a Celeb) with enough suspense so that it wasnt clear that the pesky humans would get away.

    Best wishes


  3. Jeff-
    You could try it solo, and just have a few jezailmen appear in each group (or maybe every 2nd group) and just use the charts to see how it goes. Or course, you could just use all the non-firearms Pathans you have…I plan to try it with my Fuzzy-Wuzzies sometime soon..


  4. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for reminding us what fun can be had with what is basically a handful of figures on each side. Reading the scanario, as well as the rules that accompanied it, has inspired me to put together a fantasy-themed scenario of a similar vein, with the working title “A hero’s work is never done!”

    Thanks again!

  5. Henry,

    A very nice game (and I too admire the blue covers). Hmmm, my Zulus aren’t painted but my Pathans are . . . But I’m not at all sure that a mass of jezailmen would make it a fair game . . . maybe I’ll just have to start painting Zulus.

    — Jeff

  6. Thanks for the question, Larry. The answer is that the moves are, in effect, simultaneous. The gamesmaster dices for Zulu appearances, and carries out their permitted actions, whilst the British are moving, and since the British can carry out two actions per turn (such as moving and firing once) they are well equipped to deal with most situations. As gamesmaster, use your discretion and be fair — roll for Zulu appearances right away at the start of the turn (I find that this tends to be when the British player(s) are thinking about or discussing what to do next) so that they will see them appear, giving them time to decide whether to shoot and/or move. Of course, if the Zulus pop up at short range, all they can do is brace themselves!

  7. However, a couple of questions have come up. When the Zulu’s are deployed, can they act/or be reacted to immediately? And from the Modifiers to Shooting (Table 5) it appears the Zulu’s can be shot at as they charge in….

    I’m trying to understand better the flow of the turns….IG/UGO or act/react.

  8. Great little set of rules! Tried them out on Sunday with a friend and had a blast! Zulus Won! I plan to try them out again.

  9. memo to self – must buy computer for home so that I can actually access Battlegames site, rather than “games” restricted work pc….

  10. It’s just a download, Marc, a little ‘something extra for the weekend’ to add a spring to your step. If you imagine that I’m making enough to actually print free supplements, then I’m afraid the drugs aren’t working! 😀

  11. Sorry henry, probably being thick, but doeas this mean we get two mags this month, or is it just a download?

    But it sounds like a great idea, so I look forward to more. A fictitious/SYW would be nice….

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