1. Interesting, but they already have 15mm Cold War stuff.. I do wish they had stuck to one scale. Incidentally – it’s BTR wheeled transport, BRDM wheeled scouts etc. On a positive note, modelling the T64 is an excellent choice as these were the most technically capable Soviet tanks of the period.

    • Thanks for that, Doug – and I’m happy to be corrected, not my period at all for wargaming!

    • 10mm/6mm is probably a better size for armour encounters in this timeframe. 15mm will make it a competitor for Team Yankee. It’s also good in relation to Cold War Commander if you wanted to go down that route instead. Alternatively you could go Northag and use your 1/300 GHQ or similar.
      There are a healthy cluster of novels and counter-factual books around this subject.

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