View from the Veranda Episode 9 out now

Neil Shuck over at Meeples & Miniatures has now released Episode 9 of our not-even-vaguely regular podcast, the View from the Veranda. Ideal for those who like to listen to something on the way to and from work, or whilst painting small soldiers, or even to help them to nod off to sleep, this episode of the podcast rambles hither and thither as usual, covering topics as diverse as the ‘game in a box’ concept, Dark Ages wargaming, Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with A Thousand Faces and Mantic Games.

This time, we’re joined by lovely Rich Clarke of TooFatLardies who provides the intelligent counterpoint to our normal, ill-considered views and avoidance of Points Systems.

So, get yourself over to View from the Veranda and plug yourself in for a couple of hours.

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