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I’ve been creating websites since 1996 and I’ve seen some daft developments, but the new EU Cookie law takes the biscuit. As a result, more than 90% of UK websites need to ask visitors if they are willing to accept cookies. This can only be avoided if they don’t use cookies at all, or only use cookies for key functionality, (like remembering what visitors have added to their shopping baskets on ecommerce sites.)

My website uses services like Google Analytics, which itself uses cookies to tell me how many people visit my website each month. So the route I’ve taken is ‘implied consent’.  Anyone who sees my ‘cookie notice’ in the lower left corner and doesn’t want to stay here can simply click the back button – and I wish them luck in tracking down the tiny number of websites that don’t use cookies at all.

One of the best resources I’ve found so far, that explains the law in layman’s terms is this free report on the EU Cookie law.

The software I have used to display the ‘implied consent’ EU Cookie Law popup in the lower corner of every page of this WordPress website (see the little green triangle in the bottom left-hand corner if the popup window disappears) is Civic UK’s free plug available here or within your own WordPress Dashboard.


  1. Tried this, but it doesn’t seem to support Blogspot.

    BTW: Updated the links on my blog to your new Battlegames page at Atlantic.

  2. A silly policy yes, but I will gladly accept a cookie from you especially if it is a chocolate coated HobNob. 😉

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