The Don Featherstone Weekend 2017

I’m off to sunny (hah, fat chance!) Basingstoke for the Don Featherstone Commemoration Weekend at the Wargames Holiday Centre. Tomorrow, the Duke of Marlborough will be strutting his stuff on the field of Blenheim.

You can be sure I’ll be doing — phone signal permitting — regular updates here, on the Battlegames Facebook page and my @battlegames Twitter account. I’ll also be doing a write-up for Wargames Illustrated that will appear in due course.

We’re having a dinner at the hotel tomorrow night where we will not only be celebrating Don’s life and work, but also running a wee tournament of my Biebersfurt All-Comers Waxball Championships. And to round it all off, an auction of stuff for Combat Stress.

See you tomorrow – cannonade begins around 10am.

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