The Don Featherstone Commemoration Weekend: Opening Moves

I had quite an, umm, ‘interesting’ time getting to the WHC which is located on a small industrial estate just outside Kingsclere, not far from Basingstoke.

Not to worry, I arrived at last, only to discover that the battle had already begun and I had been given the role of… Marlborough! No pressure, then! 😄

I managed to play a turn before we broke for the night, concentrating on getting my infantry across the Nebel, my cavalry following close behind. I find myself across the table from three Don F weekend veterans: John Secker, Paul Wisken and the inimitable Melvyn Jenkins-Welch, so I’m bound to have fun—and of course it’s unusual for me to be playing at all. Crikey, I hope my allies don’t expect too much from me!

Anyway, here are a few piccies I took on opening night. Much more tomorrow, with cannonade-off apparently scheduled for 9.30.

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