The Battlegames Blog is moving – here!

With the Battlegames name having been acquired by Atlantic Editions, I am separating my efforts as an individual wargamer and author from the business side of things, especially since there will now be ‘official’ blog posts on my space at the Atlantic website.

As a result, I have transferred everything from the old Battlegames Blog (which will remain in being for some time, but I shan’t be adding any new material there) to this new site, and I shall also be bringing across a great deal of the material I created on the original Battlegames website, which will be wiped clean soon and handed over to Atlantic.

So, stop back soon to find a host of archived material to which I shall then be adding on a regular basis.


  1. Hello there Henry! Glad to see the new blog is up and running. I’ve put a link on my of blog and mentioned it in yesterday’s post, so people can find you. How is the SSM rebasing coming along? And what are the dimensions of those new multi-figure bases?

    Best Regards,


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