The 2019 Battlegames Awards for Excellence Award Ceremony

Battlegames Awards for Excellence logoToday I have uploaded a podcast recorded live at the Battlegames 2019 Awards for Excellence, which honours the great and the good of our hobby.

Patrons were asked to nominate their favourites in the following categories:

  • Historical Ruleset
  • Fantasy or Sci-Fi Ruleset
  • Historical Figure Range
  • Fantasy or Sci-Fi Figure Range
  • Terrain/Scenery Manufacturer
  • ‘Game in a Box’
  • Podcast or YouTube Channel
  • Wargames Magazine
  • Wargaming Book
  • Military History Book

There were some real surprises in the listings, perhaps even more so because the rules on this inaugural occasion were relaxed, allowing patrons to vote for their favourite items *ever* in each category. Given the broad age range of my patrons, from very young to – well, more mature, you can expect to see some old school entries alongside the very latest products, but that, I firmly believe, is as it should be.

So head on over and have a listen to just 30 minutes of packed entertainment from our luxury venue for the awards.


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