Partizan Part Deux

It's been a busy few days since the Partizan 2019 show on Sunday, but at last I've got the chance to catch up and give you a rather more in-depth report. I had fully intended to record some interviews to stitch together a podcast from the show, but I was so busy all day that this proved impossible. … Continue reading

Partizan 2019

This is a ‘live’ post from the Newark showground in Nottinghamshire so that I can show you pics taken during the first couple of hours of the show during my initial reconnaissance of the Partizan 2019 show. I shall be going back into the hall shortly to take some more detailed pics, but with … Continue reading

All Quiet on the Henry Front?

Not likely! It's true, dear visitor, that this blog has appeared somewhat quiet since the new year, but if you take a quick look over on the Patreon site, you'll see that in fact, I've been a busy boy. Also, take a look at the new Battlechat Podcasts page in the menu above—you'll see that … Continue reading
Bricks tutorial

Bricking It

A Battlegames Special Guest Post by Sean Souter You’re going to love this terrain project! It’s got it all. Use of bricks dates back to 7500 BC so terrain from any era—ancients, medieval, WWII, and modern—can benefit from the liberal use of bricks to enhance the look of scenery. … Continue reading