Recce category launched

As mentioned in the latest issue of Battlegames, I have now created a new Recce category as a sub-category of Battlegames posts. Therefore, when I post reviews of products and services, I shall be tagging them as “Recce”.

Simple enough? I hope so!

I shall be posting the first of the new reviews over the next few days. Get ready for a multi-media experience, as I plan to do some of these as vidcasts or bits of video, some as podcasts, whilst others will be ‘traditional’ text and images (assuming that we can all agree that the internet has now been around long enough to have ‘traditions’).

I’ve got a pile of stuff to get through, so there will be plenty to digest!

A final note: the reviews you find here will of course be purely my own, personal opinions and do not represent those of Atlantic Publishing or any of the publications it owns in any way.

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