Prunkland Prepares

In a few weeks time, Iain Burt will be invading the Loftwaffe, bringing the mighty hordes of the Gateway Alliance to do battle with the forces of Prunkland. Time, therefore, for some preparation!

Back in the old days of WRG 1685-1845, I amassed about 20 battalions of Prunklanders, all painted with Humbrol enamels, but I the heady early days of the Old School Wargaming group, they all went into the turps jar to be stripped down and reprinted in big battalions. Well, I’m embarrassed to admit that the only infantry unit I’ve painted since then is Regiment von Eintopf, though it is, indeed, a mighty unit, some 70-odd strong all told, because it was initially created for our Sittangbad recreation at Partizan in 2006. The Eintopf boys have been patiently awaiting reinforcements for a very log time!

So, please welcome onto the stage Regiment von Renscher, Zweiter Regiment zu Fuß von Prunkland, now having received their Codex Grey mid-coat over a black undercoat (and a coat of PVA before that). They are, of course, another unit of original Spencer Smith plastics, vintage circa 1971 or thereabouts, selected from my secret supply of the plastics I have left that aren’t suffering from the dreaded plastic rot or “brittle ankle disease”. These chaps will be sporting the traditional white coat and red trousers of Prunkland, but with orange facings. Gaiters and hat lace are white.

This unit will be the ‘standard’ size of 36+command and I’ll update you again as they near completion. Once these are done, there’s just another 18 battalions of musketeers to go, then the grenadiers, and…

Regiment von Renscher on the painting table.


The he tents, by the way, are Renedra, also getting a long overdue coat of paint, and you can see a few members of Regiment von Eintopf overseeing the correct dressing of the new unit.


  1. Thinking about ankle rot. Have you ever put together an Airfix tank only to find some time (years) later that the tracks have melted into the wheels?
    Perhaps this is a chemical reaction between the soft polythene of the tracks and the hard polystyrene of the rest of the kit. If this is, or could be the case, then Humbrol Gloss may have reacted against the polythene of the Spencer Smith figures.
    As an aside, I’ve not heard of this phenomenon occurring with Airfix Polythene figures

  2. Hi Henry,
    Looking forward to seeing them on completion.
    I think, but I’m not 100% positive, that brittle ankle disease is caused by exposure to sunlight or even long periods of awaiting uniforms on a work table in front of a window.

    Your Humbrol Enamel may well of filtered out any UV light.

    My unpainted and painted figures have spent the last 40 or so years in a cardboard box an they are as new.

    Just a thought that perhaps others have noticed this phenomena.
    Those who can still remember wher they are.

    • Well, that’s one theory – but Charles Grant’s figures were always packed away in boxes and kept in a dark place, but they are in such a bad condition that he has switched wholesale to Minden Miniatures! maybe they got them out for gaming on too many sunny days… 😀 What is true is that the unpainted figures have survived better than any that were painted with enamels, so I think there’s something chemical going on.

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