The Joy of Wargame Deadlines

Deadlines are powerful things. I can’t think of any other explanation for the fact that I have 160 Gripping Beast plastic infantry and 36 cavalry assembled on my table and awaiting an undercoat just 72 hours after taking the sprues from their boxes. I’m even feeling a little heady from the … Continue reading
My wargaming campaign and panting notebooks.

Keeping Project Diaries

Note: this article was originally written for Wargames Illustrated during my short tenure as a columnist earlier this year, but it was rejected as "... jarring with the rest of the content in the magazine", as a result of which I parted company with that publication. I shall make no further … Continue reading

Panzer Progress 1

Okay guys, you asked for it - the first of my 'keeping me honest' posts to track my painting progress with the piccolo panzers. I didn't get anything done on Tuesday night because I was out playing (I know, shock, horror, probe, scandal) with Will Townshend of The Plastic Soldier Company. I … Continue reading

Where’s your mojo?

Most wargamers go through phases where they lose touch with their inspiration. "Just why am I doing this?" they ask themselves. Sometimes, the answer comes back loud and clear, they shrug off the doubts and on they go. At other times, it's more difficult, like a bout of writer's block, and they … Continue reading