Photos from B-Day in Byzarbia

What with all the mad workload, the changeover of the magazines and whatnot, it’s only now I realise that neither Battlegames nor MWBG ever carried a proper report of the Ayton 2012 weekend. Nor, it seems, did I even get around to posting photos from the event online. The current absence of the WD3 forum, suffering from more gremlins it seems, means that the WD3 games section which does have photos from various players on it,  is also absent for the time being.

Well, I’ve now rectified that position and you can view the photos (all 247 of them, unedited, so a few are blurry) of the Battle of Tel-i-Tubi on my Flickr stream here.

If you need a reminder of what on earth was going on, you can look back to the archive posts on this site from January to May 2012.

I hope you enjoy the tour!

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