Panzer Progress 1

Okay guys, you asked for it – the first of my ‘keeping me honest’ posts to track my painting progress with the piccolo panzers.

I didn’t get anything done on Tuesday night because I was out playing (I know, shock, horror, probe, scandal) with Will Townshend of The Plastic Soldier Company. I can’t tell you what we were playing, or I’d have to shoot you – all I can say is that he’s acquired the rights to produce another exciting boardgame and we did an evening session as a first playtest, and have scheduled a full day’s play the week after next. More details will follow in due course, but I can tell you the game is WWII era and very challenging, combining both strategic and tactical elements that keep your brain in top gear!

First colour applied – German Grey (in the days of Humbrol enamels, it would be called Panzer Grey).
First colour applied – German Grey (in the days of Humbrol enamels, it would be called Panzer Grey).

Anyway, to make up for missing Tuesday, I did two hours, rather than just one, in last night’s session, from 6-8pm. I set the goal of applying as much grey to the German armour and softskins as I could. I managed all the necessary coverage on the trucks and armoured cars to the left of the picture, and painted all the running gear/lower hull areas on the tanks. I also (thank you Optivisor!) managed to assemble the Pak 38s and give them an undercoat (essentially, a blob of dilute black with a big brush).

I have to say that the GHQ castings are an absolute joy, real little masterpieces. I’ve already fallen back in love with the Krupp Protze truck, the Pz38(t) and the PzIIIG. They just look so, well, ‘right’.

So, this photo is hardly exciting, but it is progress. This evening, I hope to finish the grey on the tanks and give the infantry a basecoat of Field Grey. I’m trying not to let these sessions turn back into binges, so I’m also scheduling other things to get done this evening.

More next time.


    • GHQ’s own! See my earlier post which shows the infantry undercoated alongside the armour, and of course you’ll see more of them as I progress. The GHQ set come with both infantry and armour – see here for the set I’m using (with a few additions from here.

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