Next Combat Stress Commemorative Miniature Auction LIVE!

28mm WW2 US paratrooper

The next Combat Stress Commemorative Miniature auction, raising money for the Battlegames Combat Stress Appeal, is now live and will end 24 Jan, 2013 20:11:25 GMT.


You can also view more photos on my Flickr feed at

I’m really hoping that this auction will take us beyond £11,000, which will be a significant landmark, so please bid if you can!


I’m delighted to report that the auction ended with a massive winning bid of £79.77.  This has already been donated to Combat Stress via eBay’s Missionfish system thanks to the prompt payment from the winning bidder, who lives in Italy. This means that our Combat Stress Appeal now stands at an impressive £11,046.59!

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