Maps, maps, glorious maps – and lots of ’em!

Over the last several years, a number of readers have approached me to ask about the maps I create.

The answer to Question 1 is always “Adobe Photoshop”.

The answer to question 2 is always, “No, there are is no library of pre-set, ‘off the shelf’ objects available from Adobe, so practice, practice, practice.” Over a number of years, I have built up my own little library of houses, trees, bridges and whatnot to help speed up the production process as the deadline approaches, though I’m thinking of re-working some of these in the near future.

Having overcome their disappointment at not being able to become an expert cartographer overnight, the next question is often along the lines of “Would it be possible for you to put larger versions of the maps online?” Eventually, this prompted me to run a little poll on the Battlegames Facebook page, which was so overwhelmingly positive that I have decided to comply with your wishes.

Therefore, take yourself to the Shop on this blog, and select The Fridge on the drop-down menu, where you will now see a link to “Free scenario maps“. Here, you can view online or download if you wish to your heart’s content, as explained on the page itself. Please read the full blurb at the top of the page describing my terms for their re-use.

When I get time, I hope to create a video tutorial showing just how the maps are created. Such a video requires quite a lot of work to do properly, so it may have a modest price tag attached, but I’ll keep you posted on that.

Have fun!

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