Battlegames Now Live On Patreon

Battlegames Patreon page now liveAt 3.33 am this morning, I launched the Battlegames Patreon page at where you can read all the details about how the scheme works and the goals I am setting.

As I write this, pledges have just passed the $70 mark, so we’re well on the way to reaching the first $100 per month goal, which will ensure that I can afford to guarantee at least one substantial blog post per month.

in brief, there are six levels of pledge available: the Lance Corporal at $1 per month; the Sergeant at $2.50 (roughly the price of a cappuccino); the Lieutenant at $5; the Major at $10; the Brigadier at $25; and finally the General at $50. Every one of these will qualify for exclusive, Patreon-only content, and the more you ledge the more benefits you will gain access to, including personalised gifts at the top levels.

The more monthly pledges that come in, the more dedicated work I can commit to, ranging from basic blog posts, short podcasts, videos and tutorials at one end, right through to major multimedia offerings, printed publications and international show reports  at the other.

Every dollar pledged helps, and by pledging you are joining a select community of like-minded gamers, modellers and writers whose input I welcome as, in effect, we create a very modern and responsive hobby business together, in which my productivity and creativity will be harnessed to entertain and satisfy you.

Huge thanks to those who have already taken the plunge and to those who will do so in the coming days, weeks and months. We are embarking on a hugely exciting journey together and by spreading the word, you will be helping me to create more of the things YOU love.

Here we go!

Blast off!

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