Battlechat Podcast Episode 4

Henry's Battlegames BattlechatHot off the microphones, here’s the podcast recorded with my old friend Guy Hancock this morning. Guy is well known in the local wargaming community as the owner of the (sadly short-lived) Wargames Heaven shop and has been gaming almost as long as I have (think early 1970s). But of course, the highlight of his career was being featured on the front cover of Battlegames issue 1 back in 2006!
In this episode, we discuss the question of whether historically accurate tactics are necessary for historical wargames, to what extent they should be enforced by rulesets or left to the ability of the players to reach historically plausible outcomes, the role of command and control systems in the process, the effects of simultaneous as opposed to IGO-UGO moves, the historicity of competition gaming, the situation in multi-player games and the danger of imposing mechanisms that potentially detract from the enjoyment of the game.
So, put your feet up with a cuppa, or pick up that paintbrush and prepare to paint a new unit and enjoy another Battlegames Battlechat.
This episode is free to everyone, but if you’d like to hear previous episodes or discover the other exclusive content that patrons are enjoying, you can sign up on the Battlegames Patreon website.

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