Ambush at Ubbynedre

cavalry clash at Ubbynedre
A dramatic moment as Medetian and Whyeydian cavalry clash at Ubbynedre.

Juulsborg, 29th April 1750


Charcoal sketch of Ubbynedre action
Medetian dragoons ambushed near the outskirts of ubbynedre.

News has just reached us of a sharp action which took place on 27th April at Ubbynedre near Riemannsborg.

It appears that cavalry advance guards from the Medetian army on the one side, and Altefritzenburg and Whyeydia on the other, clashed in the environs of Ubbynedre, which lies some 5 miles south of Riemannsborg near the River Eggerby.

Details are sketchy at this time, but we understand that the encounter took place in the afternoon, shortly after the Medetians had arrived by river in Riemannsborg and were pushing out from there to establish and protect their positions. Meanwhile the enemy force had arrived via the Ussinggoord pass from the south, intending to reconnoitre northwards.

It is clear that the Medetians outnumbered their opponents by perhaps 50%, and their cavalry was all heavy (including a unit of elite cuirassiers), whilst the Altefritzenburg and Whyeydian force consisted of primarily light horsemen, with a small unit of dragoons.

Reports are that the Altefritzenburgers and Whyeydians managed to reach the outskirts of the town first and, making use of the buildings and enclosures as cover, dismounted some of their number and hid them at the southern outskirts of the town, lying in ambush. When the first of the Medetian units advanced through the town, expecting to find mounted opposition, they instead found the head of their column assailed from both sides as volleys of carbine fire ripped through their ranks, killing and wounding a considerable number. We gather that the unit in question attempted to dismount and return fire, hoping to dislodge the enemy from the buildings, but without success, so they withdrew.

Meanwhile, a unit of  Altefritzenburg lancers known, we believe, as “savages”, divided its two squadrons, one heading into town, the other in an audacious move to the west of the settlement, where they were nearly caught by Medetian cuirassiers. This came so close to disaster that one of the cuirassiers grabbed a fistful of tail hairs from one of the lancers’ horses as it passed! After some teasing by the lancers and another attempted charge to catch them by the cuirassiers, it seems this squadron disappeared in the direction of Axelvod to the northwest and we have no reports yet of its current whereabouts. Citizens in the Riemannsborg-Tafdrupsborg area should be on the lookout for this roving band of brigands.

Back in the town, the Medetian dragoons managed to extricate themselves whilst the other squadron of lancers galloped right through the market square and out the other side to to northeast, hoping to reconnoitre in the direction of Riemannsborg. We are not sure why at this stage, but they then turned back towards town as evening approached – had they continued, we understand they may have collided with Medetian reinforcements.

The Medetians managed to advance two squadrons of their cuirassiers to the southern outskirts of town, in time to interfere with the Whyeydian hussars who had now remounted and were attempting to escape. A brisk melee ensued, in which the Whyeydians fought bravely, but one of their squadrons was caught in the flank by some cuirassiers and their resistance ended in flight.

cavalry clash at Ubbynedre
A dramatic moment as Medetian and Whyeydian cavalry clash at Ubbynedre.

More dramatically, a third Medetian unit, this of heavy horse, had skirted the town to the east, taking unexpected fire from enemy dragoons hidden in the southeast corner of town, but eventually approaching the main road south from Ubbynedre. As the second half of the Whyeydian Hussars emerged from the town to find safety, they were charged in the flank by the Medetians and utterly destroyed, fugitives joining their compatriots in pell-mell flight to the southwest.

As evening fell, the Medetians were in full control of Ubbynedre and reassuring citizens that the bad men had all gone. Indeed, despite a last, futile attempt by the enemy’s lancers to charge the Medetian cuirassiers that had advanced into the market square of the town, the battle was over and the Altefritzenburgers extricated the remaining lancers and dragoons to the east and the hills as dusk approached.

We congratulate our friends from Medetia, but acknowledge the bravery and skill of their opponents, even if they are indeed known as “savages”.


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