A brief update

Issue 29 of Battlegames has  just arrived on my doorstep, following the digital version last night, so I hope you’re also enjoying a good read.

After a tremendous long weekend running the B-Day in Byzarbia event in East Ayton, I have (perhaps inevitably) arrived back to an enormous backlog of emails and some urgent tasks to attend to.

Therefore, there will be a slight delay in my uploading the complete interview with the TooFatLardies, but I shall make an announcement as soon as it’s available via all my usual online channels.

I also have a lot of photographs taken over the weekend, and even some video clips of the ferocious fighting in and around Tel-i-Tubi which is now under the protection of His Imperial Majesty, King Ludwig I of Prunkland. To find out how on earth that happened, you can read some of the reports that have already appeared on the WD3 forum, especially that of Simon Tonkisss (Goat Major), who played the part of Generalmajor von Hauptzeige, also styled Regional Manager of the Prunkländische Ostindische Kompanie for this outing. As a result of his conduct in Byzarbia, his promotion to Leutnantgeneral is assured.

Also, Neil Shuck has managed to publish the latest episode of View from the Veranda which now available for download on the revamped VftV site.

As they say in Prunkland, bis bald.

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