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WordPress have just introduced a new facility for creating polls, so I thought I’d plunge straight in during a coffee break from creating issue 15 of the magazine and try it out. So, please tick as many boxes as apply to you, and with luck we should end up with some interesting feedback about just what gamers are getting up to out there.

Right, back to the grindstone!



  1. What does it say that most of my favorites are amongst the least popular? and why is it that I have several armies for periods that I didn’t click!!!! Going with the flow I suppose 🙂

  2. I started with Ancients many years ago; and yes I was always looking for that “killer army” like many of us in the WRG years.

    But my tastes changed. One of the reasons that I like 18th century “Tricorn” periods is the more even playing field.

    Sure, I realize that there are other periods that also have relatively even playing fields, but do they have that feeling of gentility that one gets with the tricorn troops? For me they do not.

    — Jeff

  3. At this point, European Tricorne has edged out ancients and WW2 (which I’m a bit surprised at). Obviously the respondents are a non-random sample and BG’s attention to tricorne will likely skew the results. But more than the 2000-odd years of ancients? Wow!

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