Unpainted WW2 Australian Infantryman Castings Now On Sale

The limited edition castings of the WW2 Australian infantryman that sold on eBay last week are now available in their unpainted state. You can order these directly via the Combat Stress Appeal page right here on the website.

WW2 Australian infantryman unpainted casting front view WW2 Australian infantryman unpainted casting back view

The casting shown here has been given a thinned wash of Badab Black.

Please note that the right arm holding the rifle is cast separately, so take care opening your purchase.

You might also like to note that our painter for the eBay auction missed the fact that the soldier is holding a cigarette or cigar in his left hand between the first and second fingers — he probably thought it was a casting glitch!

All purchases for the Combat Stress Appeal use a PayPal shopping cart completely separate from the eShop.

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