Top Trumps Cards from Issue 365

As promised, you can download the ‘Top Trumps’ cards I designed for Arthur Harman’s game here. I have provided a ‘blank’ on the sheet for you to make your own, but we will be creating more of them and uploading them here soon.

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  1. I read this article with real interest as a little “light bulb” went on! I am currently designing a set of colonial wargames based on the “Battle Cry” game. Starting with the Zulu War of 1879 and ending with 2nd Boer War, I made up a “mini pack” of 12 British and 12 Zulu leaders each numbered 1-12 ( 1 being the “best”- and 12 the “worst” ). I’ve developed 6 “headings” – Experience / Courage / Tactical skill / Strategic Ability / Popularity / Energy ( the general’s “va va boom” factor ). The general a player draws at the beginning of the game / scenario “controls” the way the battle goes:-
    The number 1 British General is Colonel H. Evelyn Wood VC. He gets a +1 on 1D6 at the start to deployAFTER the enemy ( so using his experience ( if he wins ) to deploy accurately against the enemy ). He adds +1D to his own and adjacent units ( his men respond to his reputation for bravery ). On a “6” on1D6 at the start of each turn Evelyn Wood can use an additional Command card from his hand ( of 6 ) to exploit the tactical situation. He also gets an additional Command card ( 6 rises to 7 each turn ) to reflect Wood’s ability to “read” the strategical situation. Wood’s popularity allows the unit to ignore an EXTRA retreat flag ( on the dice ) as he steadies the morale of his men. Finally, as the first turn determines who starts first, Wood gets a +1 on 1D6 to move first throughout the game.
    This is worth a bit of serious research, and the cards show a picture of the general ( difficult for 12 Zulu leaders! ). The research allow you to match the characteristics to what is known about each particular general. In the game it allows a lot of variables – 2 friends always play their games together in a way that reflects their characters; but what happens if a Zulu or Dervish general card is a “2” ( second best ) against a British “11” general ( pretty well hopeless! )
    This has really changed the timbre of our games.

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