The Wargaming Compendium Gets First 5* Review

As you can imagine, every author awaits the early reviews with their heart in their mouth, and so I am delighted that one of my readers has been thoughful enough to post their opinions on Amazon UK – with a five star review!

My thanks to Bob Gallagher for taking the time to do this, it’s hugely appreciated.

One of the downsides of Amazon is that they sell some books, like mine, at such cutthroat prices that it leaves few financial scraps for the publisher or author. The only way to compensate for this, therefore, is to sell as many copies as possible – and good reviews of course help a great deal.

So, once again, my thanks to Bob and I hope that if you enjoy the book, you will be kind enough to take a few moments to tell the world on Amazon, other online booksellers and on social media. 🙂


  1. I have just finished the war gaming book, a very good read, it is a real eye opener for the beginner in this subject, and a nice back to basics instead of the modern games of book keeping like most war games these days

  2. Just read the chapter on the history of wargames books – Featherstone, Grant, Quarrie and all the rest. I bought most of those books when they came out, or borrowed them from the library if money was tight. Every picture of a front cover brings back the times I read them and played those rules. Like Achtung Schweinehund, I seem to be reading my own biography here. Great job, Henry.

  3. Same here – only read the first few chapters but I am looking forward to a really good time – like settling into a nice big hot bath. This is my kind of wargaming.

  4. Henry,

    Completely understood. I received the book today! Wow does it look good, as someone else mentioned, this takes the beginner through the hobby wonderfully (from what I have gathered from my 2 hours vigorously skimming so far). I am looking forward to my son reading it after I am done. Well done sir! This looks to be a fantastic book, one that will be enjoyed for years to come!

    Jimmy from Wisconsin.

  5. I ordered mine from pen and sword…

    I am very much looking forward to receiving it! I hope it arrives before my annual holiday. It will be a bit of a challenge to my walleye fishing in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

    Any chance of a complimentary pdf version for buyers of the hard cover?

    My ipad is always with me.

    Jimmy from Wisconsin.

    • Thanks Jimmy – but as for the PDF version, I very much doubt it! I don’t think Pen & Sword are in the habit of giving things away, and there are too many security issues involved.

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