The Grenouissian Intermezzo: behind the scenes 3

With the first orders from the participants arriving thick and fast, it has become clear that I made an assumption that people were used to giving map coordinates, when of course they aren’t!

So, here’s the latest missive sent to the players, which refers to this new version of the map which you can download here (PDF).

Evening all,

I’ve attached an enlarged section of the map, covering the bits being fought over.

I also wanted to clarify how coordinates should be expressed.

Use the X (east-west) coordinate first i.e. the letters running along the top and bottom, followed by the Y (north-south) coordinate i.e. the numbers running down the sides.

So, for example, Pescadrix is at U23. Grondine is at X18.

Note that owing to the nature of hexagons, the numbered rows wobble up and down! To help you, I have shown the top and bottom rows (14 and 32) in their entirety.


This is a classic case of that old adage about assumptions, which make an ASS out of U and ME!

Anyway, things are really moving along, and I’ve spent some time today printing out a large number of hexagons, 20cm from corner to corner, onto tracing paper, so that this little chore is done when I need them for generating more detailed terrain. In the old days, of course, I drew all the hexagon outlines by hand – what a waste of time! Even then, I should have just gone to the corner shop to get photocopies! Doh!

Anyway, I don’t want to give anything away at the moment, but I can tell you that it’s very exciting being the umpire, the only person with the complete picture of what’s happening. Some of the outcomes awaiting players are just plain funny, others fraught with challenges and danger. I’m constantly fascinated by how easy it is to misconstrue what one imagined were perfectly plain instructions. You’ll see!

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