Statue Unveiled in Zabir

The statue of Reeshard El-Kalark in Zabir

Following the slaughter of the vile invaders from Tartanos, Her Most Serene Majesty, the Empress Ava of Byzarbia and All She Surveys and Desires, commissioned a statue to honour Reeshard el Kalark, the man who steadied the line when General Kirik el Douglass was tragically struck down.

The monument was unveiled today in the central square of the city of Zabir, where Reeshard himself was joined by just a few of the heroes of that day who gave short shrift to the barbarians.

You will note that the statue features the actual war banner of Tartanos being trampled under the hooves of our Army Standard Bearer’s warhorse, lying in the dirt where it was abandoned by the terrified men of Tartanos as they fled the field.

El Kalark has now been promoted to the title of Sheik Hen-ot Sturr-ed.

The monument is open to the public every day except Bank Holidays, public holidays, and Ava Days, so you will have the chance to view the statue at least twice a year.


  1. I assume the statue is brandishing a mop because our hero “swept the field” of the enemy!? Splendid post, and I eagerly await further instalments.

    • Bravo! Actually, the ‘mop’ is a horsehair plume, and the staff was supposed to carry a solid gold facsimile of the army standard, but for some reason it appears to have gone missing…

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