Special 10 Per Cent Discount for Shop Relaunch

How about 10% off? To celebrate the relaunch of the Shop section on the blog, I’m giving a 10% discount off all Battlegames downloads for the rest of August. That’s right, 10% off any combination of issues 1-26 of Battlegames and the Table Top Teaasers. The only item excluded is the Wars of the Faltenian Succession Compilation, as a component of its price is a donation to the Combat Stress charity.

So, get thee to the shop section and pop some issues in your basket using the special discount code


And it doesn’t stop there! I’m introducing a permanent discount of 15% for anyone who spends more than £15 on downloads in one session, with no limit to the total, and you can visit and use the code as many times as you like! This is a far simpler method than the old ‘bundles’ I used to laboriously put together, and means you can buy downloads in any combination you like.

The code for this Multi-Buy discount is


Just enter the relevant discount codes during the checkout process. Happy shopping!


  1. I think I’ll not mention this to the wife.
    I found the first 24 issues and the Table Top teasers available on line a fortnight ago and paid 48 quid. 15% off that would have been worth having!
    Ho, hum.

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