Nine days and counting

In nine days – rather less, in fact, as I’m writing this late in the evening – The Wargaming Compendium will be published. How strange it will be, after all these years of it being a purely on-screen entity (often referred to as The Beast, or worse), to hold an actual, physical book in my hands, put it on my shelf and think “I did that”. Will the glow of satisfaction last any longer than the five minutes I get flicking through the latest issue of MWBG when it arrives from Warners? I hope so!

Anyway, this is to let you know that I am also building a little site to accompany the book, where you’ll be able to download some freebies and bits and pieces, such as playsheets for the rules included in the book, an FAQ and so on. This site will be officially launched on Thursday 13th June, the same as the book.

No rest for the wicked – back to MWBG 363 which goes to press this Friday!

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