Hello world!

This blog is for me, as Editor of Battlegames, to write in an ‘unofficial’ capacity about what I’ve been up to lately and ideas I have for the magazine on a more frequent, though irregular, basis. It’s also an opportunity for Battlegames readers to give me feedback on certain topics from time to time.

I’ve thought long and hard before starting a blog, but I have come to the opinion that it’s a good way to separate the ‘official’ stuff to do with the magazine from my tendency to ramble on, which I can now confine to this site. It’s also somewhere that I can keep you updated about the various projects I’ve undertaken, and an incentive for me to keep ‘chipping away at the rockface’ on them. As Greg Horne has discovered with his ‘Grand Duchy of Alzheim’ blog, there’s nothing quite like the glare of public visibility to keep you honest! And the redoubtable Phil Olley has used his own site to spring a number of wonderful surprises, giving us an insight into the mind of a master project planner.

I hope you find something to enjoy here. If you find anything interesting, let me know; if not, well, just move along, there are countless other blogs out there!


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