Hear ye, hear ye!

And now for something completely different… No, it’s not Henry veering off on yet another tangential project, it’s an appearance on Neil Shuck’s Meeples and Miniatures podcast.

I have been ‘sponsoring’ this podcast for a while now, which in effect has just meant giving words of encouragement and advice from time to time and furnishing him with a silly advertisement for Battlegames on his regular show. But recently, he contacted me and asked if I would consent to being interviewed to give a review of 2008 from an industry insider’s perspective, which of course I was delighted to do.

The comments that this episode of his show (number 45) has received in the last couple of days seem to indicate that I didn’t make a complete *rse of myself, so perhaps you might like to pop over and have a listen for about an hour, as Neil and I shoot the breeze about the great and the good and the not so good things that the hobby experienced last year.

Neil has also very kindly invited me to contribute a regular short slot entitled something like “The view from the verandah”, where I can talk about the magazine and what I’ve been up to, so if you can tolerate my blather, you’ll have plenty of listening to do in future.

You can also listen to all of Neil’s previous shows online or via iTunes. Bear in mind that Neil does this show, on his own initiative, purely out of enthusiasm for the hobby, with no financial recompense, which I think is a tremendous contribution for which he should be applauded. As a “thank you” to Neil, you’ll be seeing his show advertised in Battlegames on a regular basis.

Neil’s podcasts are wide-ranging, as he has extremely diverse interests that cover historical miniatures gaming, board gaming, fantasy and science fiction, and he gives cogent and honest opinions about everything he turns his hand to, so I heartily recommend his show.

So, pop over to Meeples and Miniatures and happy listening!

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