Grenouisse Ascendant: the Ayton Campaign 2014

I have just sent out the first Umpire’s Email to the participants of the forthcoming “Grenouisse Ascendant” imagi-nations campaign and weekend. The big get-together is scheduled for the Bank Holiday weekend of 2nd-4th May, to be held, as usual, in East Ayton in Yorkshire.

Once again, I had completely forgotten how much work is required just to set the thing up, decide who is on which side, prepare the campaign background and so on. I must be mad!

I shall be revealing who is on the side of King Raoul of Grenouisse and Duke Zigor of Granprix in due course. Can Raoul hang on to his ill-gotten gains in the face of a vengeful Duke Zigor and the notorious Granprixian partizans? Can Zigor and his allies, including the mighty Prunkland, wrestle the tiny duchy back from the usurper and his cronies? All will be revealed.

You will be able to follow progress here in the coming weeks.

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