Byzarbia: the last-minute scramble

As with any project, months go by and then suddenly, you realise that there’s almost no time left at all! Indeed, since Annie and I will be setting off tomorrow (we’re staying near Nottingham overnight before completing the journey to Ayton on Friday), I have precisely today only to get everything done concerning mapping the areas that will be fought over and sorting out what Granprixian and Grenouissian troops to take, as well as some bits and pieces of terrain. I’ve already had an interesting few days working out rules for some of the more exotic troop types that some players have requested! (Flaming pigs, anyone…?)

Anyway, I stayed up VERY late last night to complete the overall map of Byzarbia, which you can see here. “Oued” is simply the word for “river”, by the way. The capital of Byzarbia is Tel-i-Tubi at coordinate Q8 (Q8, geddit? [groan]). There are legends of fabulous treasure hidden in tombs along Oued Batee, especially near Lake Timotea (Q13). And will anyone get my strange sense of humour about the names of the Depressions (Sothrota, Hedek and Tenzhon)? Click on the thumbnail for a more detailed view of the map.

Byzarbia 1747
Map of Byzarbia, 1747. © Henry Hyde 2012

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