Scratch Building an African Well

A Battlegames Special Guest Post by Sean Souter Building desert terrain is thirsty work and no self-respecting collection of desert scenery is complete without a village well. A natural gathering place for friend and foe alike, one need only look at the Crusades to see the strategic importance … Continue reading
The first battlegames site splash page, first launched June 18th 1998.

Twenty Years of Battlegames

On 18thJune, 1998—Waterloo Day—I pressed the launch button on a site that was to dominate my life in one way or another for the next 20 years. I look back now at that first version of the site, which was designed to fit what was, by today’s standards, the microscopic screen size of 640 x … Continue reading
The Tactical Tutor

The Tactical Tutor Part 1

The Tactical Tutor Part 1 It Depends... by Jay Arnold, The Veteran Wargamer “Plans mean nothing. Planning is everything.” -- Dwight D. Eisenhower Recently, Our ‘Enry wrote an article in Issue 93 of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy in which he described a number of considerations … Continue reading