Von Klinkertor Kürassiere on the march

Von Klinkertor KürassiereI promised it wouldn’t be long before I added to the growing forces of Prunkland, so here I present Von Klinkertor Kürassiere, veterans of the Sittangbad game staged at Partizan a couple of years ago alongside Von Eintopf Musketeers (see Battlegames magazine issue 4, picture on p.18). Of course, they were veterans of the Wars of the Faltenian Succession long before that, having been involved in every campaign from 1741 to 1745, and their guidon bears the battle honours of Martinstadt, Niffelgletsch and Schmickelhofbrücke, as well as the more recent battles against Borscht of Momplitz and Kwitzelwitsch. As a souvenir of that wonderful day spent with The War Gamers at Kelham Hall, I have cheekily added Sittangbad to the list as well!

The bases have been made from the same 0.8mm ply that I bought from 4D Models in London; you could, of course, have the bases pre-cut for you by Litko Aerosystems who create an amazing array of useful things for wargamers.

Von Kilnkertor Kürassiere's guidonThe guidon was created using the same system as for the infantry colours, but I realised that this was the opportunity for me to establish the form that all Prunkland’s cavalry flags would take. I decided to create three shapes, to help differentiate the different types of cavalry: a guidon for cuirassiers, somewhat resembling that used by British cavalry, with a half-round end bisected by a ‘dart’ shape cutout; a square flag for dragoons, which pays homage to their origins as mounted infantry; and a classic swallow-tailed design for the light cavalry. You’ll see them all in due course, but here’s a close-up of the one carried by Von Klinkertor Kürassiere.

Next on the painting table are Von Renscher Musketeers, but I shall also be re-basing all Prunkland’s artillery. I also uncovered a lovely selection of wagons and carriages and limbers that I had ordered from Minifigs ages ago, and have started assembling them. Real little gems, these, nominally quite a ‘pure’ 25mm, but as background pieces for most games, and occasionally taking centre stage in wagon train type scenarios, they are ideal. See the wagons in their Napoleonic list (they are clearly described as not all being Napoleonic!) and some bits right at the bottom of their SYW list.

I was also very fortunate to have received an unexpected boon to my collection of original plastic Spencer Smiths lately. I was doing some work updating the Spencer Smith website when Peter Johnstone uncovered about 200 of the marching musketeers, which I happily accepted as part of my fee! You will be seeing these as they come under my brush in due course.

I am also delighted because it looks as though my dear friend Steve Gill, who proof-reads Battlegames for me, is making noises about wanting to get involved with the command of the forces of Borscht, and has already made some sartorial suggestions for their uniform. From my point of view, this is wonderful news, as it will help maintain the momentum of painting and organising forces, and as you all know, I’m a campaign man to the core, itching to start manoeuvring forces on my maps again. For Steve, the experience will be a novelty, as he has never had the opportunity to fight a campaign before, although he has of course been reading my Wars of the Faltenian Succession series in the magazine with more of an eye for detail than most!

So, lots to keep the momentum going, but it’s at this point that I have to down tools and turn all my attention to the production of issue 13 of the magazine, due to go to print in a couple of weeks time at the latest. Plenty of midnight oil to be burned between now and then!

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