Stuart Asquith

I have received the following brief obituary for Stuart Asquith, who sadly passed away yesterday. The response to my earlier tweets and Facebook page announcement has been extraordinary, which I hope will be a comfort to his family and friends.

Stuart Asquith

Stuart Asquith, popular author, editor and wargamer.

“It is with great sadness that I must report that Stuart Asquith passed away on 3 November 2019.  I count myself very fortunate to have known Stuart for some 40 years. In that time I have benefited from his enthusiasm, inspiration, knowledge, friendship and the wonderful hospitality provided by his wife and himself. I have also been lucky enough to share a good few table top battles with Stuart.

Stuart was essentially a modest man, but one should be in no doubt about Stuart’s place in the hobby. He ranks among the wargame pioneers he admired so much like Don Featherstone, Peter Young and of course his own hero H. G. Wells.

A full appreciation of his written contribution to the hobby must wait for a more complete tribute but suffice to say that with more than 20 publications and countless articles to his name he leaves a lasting literary legacy. It is difficult to select one aspect of Stuart’s contribution to the hobby out of so many, but for me the one that stands out is his editorship of Practical Wargamer. Stuart edited the magazine for 12 years and influenced a generation of wargamers. Stuart was Practical Wargamer and his editorship raised the bar and set the standard for all wargame magazines.

Stuart was the very best kind of wargamer. Generous to a fault, he always found time to encourage others. He loved every aspect of the hobby; the research, the painting, the rule writing and of courses he rejoiced in bringing his troops to the table. All of this comes through in his writings. While he talked happily of the battles he has lost, he has won a good few too – but irrespective of the result he has enjoyed and relished them all.

With Stuart’s parting wargaming has lost one of its great ambassadors. Our thoughts are with his wife and family.

Charles S Grant

Stuart Asquith at Partizan

Stuart Asquith, in the grey shirt, with his friend Charles S Grant behind him, flanked by myself, Steve Gill, John Preece and Phil Olley at Partizan 2007, where we re-staged Mollwitz from “The War Game”.

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