New Regimental Colours for Borschtian Infantry

Not content to slave over a hot map, I’ve also had my thinking cap on fielding questions about the Shot, Steel & Stone rules we’ll be using next weekend and wielding Photoshop on behalf of the Empire of Borscht, commanded by Dave McClumpha (Buff Orpington on the Loose Association of Wargamers forum).

Here, then, is the result of my deliberations: the regimental colours of Borscht’s Infantry Regiment Nº.1. Various other units will also be provided with colours, both infantry and cavalry.

I don’t speak Russian, but Google Translate is a marvellous thing! The motto reads “strength and honour and borscht”! The word at the top is “infantry”.

The colour scheme I have chosen is to match the way Dave is painting his army, which apparently looks fairly Russian (I haven’t seen it yet), with green and red predominating. The crown is in the style of a Hapsburg Imperial crown and the beetroot is, errr… in the style of a beetroot. (Borscht… Beetroot… Geddit?… Oh, never mind!)

The regimental colours of Borscht's 1st Musketeers

The regimental colours of Borscht’s 1st Musketeers © Henry Hyde 2014

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