The Current State of Siggins

Popular wargames writer Mike Siggins returns with a surprise update on his current wargaming activities. Note: The opinions expressed here are Mike's own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Editor. Social Media It is fairly certain that if, like my good friend Craig, I had almost … Continue reading
Bricks tutorial

Bricking It

A Battlegames Special Guest Post by Sean Souter You’re going to love this terrain project! It’s got it all. Use of bricks dates back to 7500 BC so terrain from any era—ancients, medieval, WWII, and modern—can benefit from the liberal use of bricks to enhance the look of scenery. … Continue reading

Scratch Building an African Well

A Battlegames Special Guest Post by Sean Souter Building desert terrain is thirsty work and no self-respecting collection of desert scenery is complete without a village well. A natural gathering place for friend and foe alike, one need only look at the Crusades to see the strategic importance … Continue reading
The Tactical Tutor

The Tactical Tutor Part 1

The Tactical Tutor Part 1 It Depends... by Jay Arnold, The Veteran Wargamer “Plans mean nothing. Planning is everything.” -- Dwight D. Eisenhower Recently, Our ‘Enry wrote an article in Issue 93 of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy in which he described a number of considerations … Continue reading