Planning Ahead — With Your Help

Reader Jay Arnold has asked me to raise the subject of my next book.

I already have a number of ideas, and would be interested in getting your feedback.

1) A much-expanded version of the “Choosing a period” chapter in the Compendium, somewhat like Don Featherstone’s Wargames Through the Ages but with modern graphics, photography etc. I’ve already got extensive notes for periods up to about 1900. This could either result in another Compendium-like ‘tome’, or be divided into a number of smaller volumes covering Ancients / Dark Ages / Medieval / Renaissance / Horse & Musket / etc etc.

2) A book on wargames campaigns, using my Wars of the Faltenian Succession as an example, but also bringing in historical campaigns and alternative campaign systems, perhaps with contributions from other wargamers.

3) Publish my Shot, Steel & Stone rules as a stand-alone product, with supplements for different periods. I would want to try to keep the sale price of these in line with TooFatLardies products rather than, say, Black Powder, unless there was a demand for a ‘deluxe’ edition. I’m also bearing in mind comments by other gamers like Keith Flint who would be perfectly happy with black & white, ‘under a tenner’ versions.

4) Fiction. I already have part-written fantasy and sci-fi novels in gestation and ideas for an 18th century historical novel/series of short stories. They all have the potential to become series.

Some or all of these ideas could be self-published or e-published as alternatives to traditional publishing.

So, my real need now is to prioritise, and since many of you have kindly purchased The Wargaming Compendium and know my work on the magazine, I’d be grateful for your thoughts and suggestions.

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