Memories of Peter Laing


Anyone remember Peter Laing 15mm figures? I sent the few I had to a new home a few years ago, but I noticed that Bob Cordery has been posting on his blog about them, so I created a Flickr album of the pics I took of those I had.

Many years ago, at school, we ran a Wars of the Roses campaign using Ed Smith’s Wars of the Roses 1455-1487 rules, published – ironically given the latest news of their demise – by Skytrex back in the mid-1970s. They were really good, because you could buy in at different levels – a mere Baron with a total of just 10 miniatures, rising through Viscount (30), Earl (50), Marquis (70), Duke (80), Prince (90) to King (100). I think I bpought 50 minis to become an Earl, broken down as 10 Men at Arms, 15 Longbows and 25 Billmen.

Having now dug them out, I must give the rules a try after all these years! It’s just a little A5 32pp + covers pamphlet.

As for the Peter Laing miniatures, I had started painting them in preparation for the very earliest stages of my Wars of the Faltenian Succession campaign, before even Guy Hancock came aboard, so this would have been about 1978 or 79. I don’t know why I didn’t finish painting them – it looks like I was working on the uniforms of Schmeissberg Donau, before Faltenland and Prunkland became the main focus for my plans. Then, when Guy did get involved, we plumped for Essex Miniatures 15mm initially, because they were doing bargain army boxes of Austrian and Prussian SYW. Looking at these, they’re like pint-sized Spencer Smiths, and I rather wish we’d gone for the Laings instead, though of course the company is long since dead and the moulds apparently have vanished from the face of the earth. Definitely a token of a time when charm and proportions won out over detail.

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